Domestic Assistance


Carers Link’s professional staff can provide you with a range of domestic support, to help you get things done around the house. This may include light chores like bed making and dusting, general tidying and cleaning up around the kitchen, or folding washing, for example.

Our qualified, professional staff are experienced and flexible, and are happy to help with any chores that make a difference to your quality of life at home, in addition to your personal care needs.


If you require domestic-only support – Carers Link can provide you with staff that only perform domestic duties. Like our qualified in home staff, our domestic-only staff possess a current criminal history check, first aid certificate and Blue Card, but cannot provide any personal care support.

For domestic-only assistance, we can provide a more thorough range of domestic services, including:
• Vacuuming
• Dusting
• Ironing
• Washing
• Mopping
• Linen changing
• Kitchen cleaning (including ovens)
• Bathroom cleaning
• Fridge cleaning
• Window cleaning
• General tidying
• Pantry tidying

At Carers Link, we adhere to the Queensland Health Home Care Services guidelines of the cleaning products that our staff can use while doing domestic shifts. Below is a list of approved and non-approved cleaning products, which need to be supplied by clients for domestic services.

Acceptable Cleaning Products

For use in bathroom, toilet and kitchen areas:
• White vinegar (food grade only)
• Cream cleanser—eg. Ajax or Jif or similar
• Neutral detergent (pH 7.0)—eg. Palmolive
• Bicarbonate of soda—made into a paste
• Micro fibre cleaning cloths

Non-Acceptable Cleaning Products

X Methylated spirits
X Corrosive acids & alkali products—eg super soaps
X Ammonia and ammonia producing products
X Sodium hypochlorite products (bleach)— eg.Domestos
X Kerosene drain cleaners—eg. Drano
X Aerosol and trigger pack products