Social Support

Social support and community access refers to assistance provided either in the client’s home or out in the community.

Social support may be assistance with tasks such as banking and bill paying, letter writing or budgeting for example.

Community access is about helping you pursue interests in the community,  like attending events, meeting friends or participating in activities.

Assistance with transport can also be provided, for clients to attend social gatherings, church, or medical appointments and the like.

Sociability Club – Group Activities for Youths and Adults

Introducing Carers Link’s Sociability Club, this program is about cost effective group outings, where participants have the choice and flexibility to decide what activities THEY want to experience.
Whether it’s going to the movies, to a show or out to dinner, dancing, growing veggies in the local community garden, learning how to use computers or playing a musical instrument, watching a football game, playing a game of chess in the park, or going fishing…there are endless opportunities and possibilities for people to get together in an inclusive, unstructured group environment, with quality support.
Our Sociability Club provides the opportunity for youths and adults with disabilities to create friendships, extend their social skills and experiences,
develop life skills and participate in their local community…and have fun!

  • Create new friendships and make new connections
  • Join in the local community
  • Extend social skills and experiences
  • Share funding resources
  • Capacity building for participants and families
  • Develop life skills and have fun!