Social, Employment & Life Skills Programs

Carers Link offers a range of social, employment and life skills development programs.

Camp Ability™

Camp Ability™ is Carers Link’s recreational school holiday camp program which gives young adults with intellectual and physical disabilities the opportunity for social and recreational interaction with their peers.

Camp Ability™ offers participants new experiences, which allows them to try new things, build their social skills and confidence, develop valuable life skills and make new friends. The program also provides valuable respite for parents and carers, who also deserve a break during school holidays.


Sociability Club

Sociability Club is our social program of group activities for youths and adults. Sociability Club provides cost effective group outings, where participants have the choice and flexibility to decide what activities THEY want to experience. Whether it’s going to the movies, to a show or out to dinner, dancing, growing veggies in the local community garden, learning how to use computers or playing a musical instrument, watching a football game, playing a game of chess in the park, or going fishing…there are endless opportunities and possibilities for people to get together in an inclusive, unstructured group environment, with quality support.

Sociability Club provides the opportunity for youths and adults with disabilities to create friendships, extend their social skills and experiences, develop life skills and participate in their local community…and have fun!



The scope of our Workability program will identify and work with employer groups and businesses to offer employment and  skilling pathway opportunities to a broad range of participants who identify with having a disability, to encourage social and economic participation.

This program will also work in synergy with training and apprenticeship partners where skill development can be encouraged and enhanced focusing on advancing personal desires and achievable outcomes.


Learning & Life Skills Development

Carers Link encourages and supports individuals to help them achieve true independence, and connect with others in the community. With the appropriate person centred supports and programs,
individuals can make significant steps towards independence and reaching their full potential. We can facilitate this by introducing programs to enhance individuals’ social and life skills, develop and build on interests, and encourage community participation in line with their personalised All About Me plan.

Some key areas of learning for independent living include:

  • Managing money and budgeting
  • Personal care, hygiene and presentation
  • Food preparation and cooking
  • Learning to take public transport
  • Community linking and engaging in community activities
  • Cultural, sexual and relationship development
  • Developing social and communication skills
  • Recognising and understanding good and bad decision making
  • Understanding security and risks associated with social media