Heard About our Memory Support Program?

The Memory Support Program is a holistic program for people wanting to enhance their memory skills.  Those who join the program undergo comprehensive neuropsychological assessments guided by their clinical diagnosis, and an individual support plan is then developed based on the person’s assessments, needs, capacity, and goals.  Each person’s plan incorporates nutrition, exercise, cognitive training, social activities, and quality support.

How the Program Works

The Memory Support Program has been designed to be implemented over a minimum 3-month period.

This is achieved through a multi-step process, whereby participants are comprehensively assessed and individualized plans are created by our Provisional Psychologist; then personalized and meaningful support is delivered in the home on a weekly basis by our trained Lifestyle Supporters.  Another vital aspect of the program is the education and support provided for carers. Specialized training is delivered to carers and families of people with cognitive impairment, to provide them with a toolkit of knowledge and practical resources, to guide and support them in their caring roles.

Accessing the Program

The Memory Support Program has been developed to support people experiencing memory function

and cognitive decline. Participants who join the program can utilize their Home Care Package or NDIS funding or can pay privately

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