All That You Need to Know About The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is an Australian government organization that provides funding for participants to access necessary support services to better support these individuals and their carers. It was introduced to better the lives of individuals living with a disability by providing the necessary funds to access service providers such as Carers Link. With this support, participants can live as independently as possible and participate within the community. 

Who Manages the NDIS?

The NDIS is managed by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA), who determine the eligibility for funding, developing individualized plans, and allocating participant funding. Once a participant has been allocated a NDIS package, they can managed one of three ways – NDIA managed, Plan Managed by a provider such as Carers Link or self-managed. This model provides choice and control for participants to chose what model of support works best for them.

Focus of NDIS

The NDIS is intended to be individualized, focusing on each participant’s specific needs and goals. It aims to help with daily living activities, social and community participation, and health and well-being. The concept is built on the idea that participants will have choice in control on how their funding is utilized. For participants with Support Coordination included in their plan, our team of trusted Lifestyle Planning and Support Coordinators can support with navigating the NDIS, how to make the most of their NDIS plan based on their needs and allocated funding, and working with participants to reach their NDIS goals.

Eligibility for NDIS

Individuals must fulfill specific qualifying requirements in order to be eligible for the NDIS. A person must generally be under the age of 65 and have a persistent impairment that seriously limits their ability to engage in daily activities. They must also hold a Protected Special Category Visa and be an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

Funding for NDIS and access to various services

The NDIS provides funding to qualified persons to access a wide range of services and supports, such as personal care, allied health, assistive technology, home modifications, and social and community access. Once allocated, Carers Link can assist with sourcing and matching suitable support workers, linking in with trusted allied health providers, connecting with third party providers and plan management supports.

It is crucial to remember that every NDIS package is individualized, and therefore the precise benefits and services given by the NDIS may differ based on individual circumstances and requirements. Here at Carers Link we understand the importance of individualizing the care service we provide, ensuring quality services and achieving NDIS goals.  

Carers Link focuses on each participant and their specific needs and goals. We offer individualized assistance though our Support Coordination, Direct Support services and Plan Management to promote choice and control. Our team works with the funding allocated to ensure the unique needs of every client is met within their budget. This approach ensure every clients receives the required assistance to continue living independently, accessing the community and achieving NDIS goals.

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